Unprecedented times, unprecedented challenges

Optimising eCommerce Experiences

12 August 2020 / 10:00 - 11:00

Webinar, London BST, UK

What’s next for eCommerce experiences?

In recent months, there’s been a dramatic increase in online traffic and sales for many brands. However, many businesses are not equipped to effectively deliver optimised digital experiences that drive conversion and customer retention, which has led to missed opportunities.

Long term, predictions are that this shift in consumer behaviour - opting for more online purchase - is likely to outlast the crisis. This highlights the importance of shifting focus from purely acquisition, to looking at optimising the end-to-end customer journey to keep customers coming back again and again.

In this webinar, along with our guest speaker Eoghan Beecher (Digital Fundraising Manager for Shelter) we’ll be sharing insights and guidance, on how to deliver the seamless digital experience your customers expect, and boost conversion while increasing the lifetime value of customers.

Meet the speakers

Joel Mournsey

Head of Commercial Growth, House of Kaizen

Joel Mournsey

Head of Commercial Growth - House of Kaizen

Joel has eight years of experience in delivering transformational customer experience (CX) strategies, business optimisation solutions for clients, and managing marketing agency operations.

Osh Rice

Business Director, House of Kaizen

Osh Rice

Business Director - House of Kaizen

A commercially minded and strategically confident senior marketer, Osh's role is to fully understand business needs, both operationally and strategically; and to provide insights, experience and solutions which help clients to unlock digital growth.

Eoghan Beecher

Digital Fundraising Manager, Shelter

Eoghan Beecher

Digital Fundraising Manager - Shelter

Eoghan is a digital professional, who has worked on both established and growing products, with significant experience in planning and implementing engagement strategies and campaigns, with a key focus on agile management of digital projects and cutting edge technology.

Nick Gassman

Research Manager, House of Kaizen

Nick Gassman

Research Manager - House of Kaizen

Nick has a wealth of digital experience both agency and client-side. He has managed large teams of designers and researchers, basing his approach on a combination of theory, principles, and research on what actually works. He joined House of Kaizen during lockdown to focus on research.

The agenda

10:00 - 10:10
Joel Mournsey

Recurring revenue & CLTV

Joel will deep dive into the current climate, sharing his advice on what brands need to do in order to adapt their strategies to succeed. He will explain the benefits of focusing on driving recurring revenue growth and the end-to-end customer journey, using this to inform forecasting and strategy, for the near-future and beyond.
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10:10 - 10:20
Nick Gassman

Understanding customer behaviour in uncertain times

Nick will talk about the value of psychological segmentation in times of uncertainty. He will outline four different buyer types brands need to consider, as well as share three actionable strategies of how to act on consumer psychological drivers to improve acquisition, engagement and retention.
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10:20 - 10:40
Eoghan Beecher

Building an experimentation business case

With budget constraints looming for Marketers due to these uncertain times, it is ever more important that brand marketers are able to provide proof of concept, before launching into a full digital experimentation roadmap. Eoghan and Osh will co-present the initial research projects and test campaign they worked on together to prove the value of insights & data-driven experimentation in driving short term KPI uplift, alongside longer-term revenue growth.
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10:40 - 11:00
Joel Mounsey

Questions & close

Joel will round-up by asking any questions from attendees to our panelists.
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