Unprecedented times, unprecendeted challenges

Retaining Subscriptions Post-lockdown

10 June 2020 / 10:00 - 11:00

Webinar, London, UK

In recent months, we've all had to adapt. Like the shifts in our own everyday lives, the pandemic has created significant shifts in consumer behaviour too, and we’ve seen many brands with subscription models experience huge increases in subscribers during this time.

In this webinar, we’ll be sharing insights and guidance on how subscription businesses and publishers can prepare for the future and retain customers, both old and new.

Katie Bloor and Matt Robins from the team here at House of Kaizen, will share innovative ways in which brands can retain subscribers and craft digital experiences focused around increasing customer lifetime value. We'll then welcome Rich Rowe from The Telegraph to our expert panel as we host a Q&A discussion.

In uncertain times, our webinars may be the new normal for a while. Please make sure you're registered to ensure you don't miss any upcoming events.

Topics of focus

  • What behaviours will persist post-lockdown and how can your products/services stay relevant?
  • How to deliver truly personalised experiences that drive retention and maintain a low churn rate.
  • The importance of innovation: how to create the excellent e-commerce experiences customers expect.
  • Future-proof: how to develop an engagement strategy which protects your brand from changing habits.

Meet the speakers

Katie Bloor

Head of Optimisation, House of Kaizen

Katie Bloor

Head of Optimisation - House of Kaizen

As Head of Optimisation, Katie oversees CX optimisation strategies across acquisition, engagement, product development and retention for all House of Kaizen clients. Katie passionately drives House of Kaizen's CX optimisation into new strategic areas, with a focus on solving new and unique business challenges.

Matt Robins

Designer, House of Kaizen

Matt Robins

Designer - House of Kaizen

Matt's wide interests and knowledge were what brought him to the team here at House of Kaizen, through his talent for understanding an idea from conception to creative to code. A CX focused designer specialising in data driven design, Matt is responsible for designing user tests and interfaces for clients such as The Wall Street Journal, McAfee, Pfizer and Hearst Magazines.

Rich Rowe

Performance Marketing Manager, Digital Subscriptions & Registrations, The Telegraph

Rich Rowe

Performance Marketing Manager, Digital Subscriptions & Registrations - The Telegraph

A highly motivated, multi-skilled marketing manager with a decade of experience, Rich has predominantly worked in-house within a variety of sectors. He has specific expertise in delivering multi-channel acquisition campaigns, achieving unprecedented success.

The agenda

10:00 - 10:05
Joel Mounsey

Welcome & Introduction

Joel will kick off with a brief introduction to our topics and speakers.
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10:05 - 10:15
Katie Bloor

Drive deep engagement now!

Katie will explore the post-lockdown landscape, illustrating that when lockdown eases, the needs, motivations and habits of new subscribers acquired will change rapidly. She will share her advice on the steps brands should be taking now to drive deep engagement with their product to foster long-term customer connections.
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10:15 - 10:25
Matt Robins

Customer-centric design

In his talk, Matt will focus on the latest design methodologies, cutting-edge attitudinal research, and the importance of the bigger picture in understanding customer behaviour. He will demonstrate with real-world examples how a combination of mature design thinking, creativity, and smarter ways of testing can unlock untapped growth, elevated brand loyalty, and long-term engagement.
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10:25 - 11:00
Joel Mournsey

Panel Discussion

To finish our webinar Rich Rowe from The Telegraph will be joining our panel of experts, as we discuss the new rules of subscriber retention. and answer your questions.
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