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Event Roundup:
Innovative Customer Retention Strategies

19 September 2018, London

Customer retention: a key component of unlocking long-term revenue for your business.

It's been a really exciting Summer here at House of Kaizen with the launch of our breakfast event series in June titled 'Discover Experience Optimisation.' The focus on innovative customer acquisition strategies proved popular and so in September we held the second event to discuss customer retention strategies.

We had a morning of breakfast bites and incredible insights from four expert speakers on a diverse, exciting and engaging series of topics. Where our first event focused on acquisition, our second event focused on the often overlooked area of retention. When it can be up to 25 times more expensive to acquire rather than retain customers, and with so many companies working in silos, our speakers stressed the importance of thinking critically about the entire customer journey.

If you unfortunately missed this event (unlucky!) then you can check out their summaries and key highlights below (breakfast not included).

Registration for the final event in our series will be opening soon. Seats for previous events ran out quickly, so please register your interest at the bottom of this page and we'll share more information with you soon. We hope to see you there!

Key Speeches from the event

Using customer insights to provide personalised boxes for every customer
Janis Thomas
Building authority to sustain customer retention
Alain Portmann
House of Kaizen
Proactively using social media to avoid churn
Richard Murphy
Are you suffering from Content Chaos? (and do you know why it affects your retention efforts?)
Aly Richards

Using customer insights to provide personalised boxes for every customer

Janis Thomas, UK Marketing Director, Birchbox

Janis Thomas

UK Marketing Director, Birchbox

Targeting what they term the 'Beauty Majority' Birchbox has a customer base of over a million subscribers worldwide. In her presentation, Janis explained Birchbox's focus on personalisation (sending products each month based on the customer's beauty profile) but balancing this with choice (the ability to add to their box and select one product themselves). She emphasised their customer-centric approach and how consumer research has often surprised them, providing insights which have helped the business develop their strategy and grow.

"It's not about new offers or products we have launching – it's about the customer – why should they care and why should it make a difference to their lives."

Janis's key takeouts

  • To maximise your retention efforts, it's important to reward both new customers and long term loyalty.
  • It's crucial to define your audience via research, not based on assumptions.
  • Drive quality traffic through targeting and personalisation and always keep testing!

Building authority to sustain customer retention

Alain Portmann, Head of Strategy & Insight, House of Kaizen

Alain Portmann

Head of Strategy & Insight, House of Kaizen

Customer experience is what dictates the degree of authority and influence a brand has over an existing customer. Unlike new customers, the behaviour of existing customers and their likelihood to churn, cancel or become dormant is determined by the moments they experience - peaks, pits and transitions. Alain explained how marketers must recognise these moments and incorporate them into the customer journey mapping and contact strategy. Like Disney and FitBit, that make great use of these, it will infuse communications with authenticity, persuasion and effectiveness.

"Trust and authority in retention are probably more important than in acquisition, given the influence and persuasion of advertising is overridden by a consumers' actual experience."

Alain's key takeouts

  • As humans we remember flagship moments within our lives - the peaks, the pits and the transitions of an experience.
  • Marketers must assist, nudge and create flagship moments, in order for their efforts to be memorable and effective.
  • Utilise psychological and behavioural research to understand and map your brand's flagship moments with customers.
  • Establish authority and trust through creating benefit-led experiences which support customer behaviours and subtly nudge their decisions.

Proactively using social media to avoid churn

Richard Murphy, Senior Account Executive, Pulsar

Richard Murphy

Senior Account Executive, Pulsar

Richard Murray delved into the importance of using social data to inform your retention strategy. Churn is a complex topic, but by tapping into social media you have access to a massive sample size of people speaking freely, without prompts, providing you with an organic view of the top issues throughout your customers' entire journey.

"One bad customer experience can lead to more than one customer churning."

Richard's key takeouts

  • Churn is very important: the cost of retaining a customer is 5 times lower than acquiring one.
  • Social data provides a crucial piece of the puzzle, allowing you to view pain points of the entire customer journey.
  • Social data gives you qualitative data on a quantitative scale with no conformation bias.

Are you suffering from Content Chaos? (and do you know why it affects your retention efforts?)

Aly Richards, CEO, Odyssiant

Aly Richards

CEO, Odyssiant

Aly's talk identified the challenge of an over-abundance of siloed content within businesses, which fails to engage audiences and drive customer retention. Aly explained how to map audience journeys to your existing content, enabling you to identify missing content, and then create, edit and optimise to develop better journeys for your customer and therefore better experiences.

"Each piece of content has a job to do, to move the customer a step forward. It is not just a piece of content to be entertaining, it has a job to do and therefore a return on investment."

Aly's key takeouts

  • Make a centralised plan to allow all content to be centrally managed.
  • Connect all of your content and map it to the entire customer end-to-end journey.
  • A content map is audience-centric, providing a structured journey to take your audience towards your goals.

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